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Trying to Tame My Honey Badger Style of Dividend Stock Investing

When I first started investing in stocks in 2004, I actually started out as a dividend stock investor.  The first stock I ever purchased was PTF - Petrofund Energy Trust.  It was a Canadian gas company which focused on acquiring, managing, and disposing petroleum and natural gas property rights and interests.  Petrofund was later acquired by Penn West Petroleum Ltd., however I sold my shares well before the acquisition.

The reason I purchased this stock was because it paid a monthly dividend.  For the very little I had invested (less than $1,000), I remember receiving about $20 per month in dividends.  It was a great first stock pick!  And I ended up selling it for a small gain as well.

For whatever reason I did not continue on the dividend investing path.  I believe the reason for this was I had an interest in trading stocks and not holding them for the long term.  I also had no where near the level of understanding of the stock market as I do now.

In the last year or so I have had more of an interest in acquiring dividend stocks.  I love passive income and multiple streams of income.

As many other personal finance bloggers do, I keep up with many dividend investor blogs 1.  These blogs have tamed my wild side of stock investing.  The buy and hold strategy is a "boring" approach however boring can be a good thing.

So what you will see out of my stock portfolio is some honey badger style dividend stocks where I am trying to slap some cash out of the companies I own a small piece of.  But I realize I will need to make some tamer safe picks if I want a steady income from my dividend stocks.

My Current Dividend Stock Portfolio

As my portfolio stands, here are the stocks I own which have paid a dividend in the last 12 months, whether the dividend is big or small.


Stock Shares Purchase Price Avg Share Price Dividends Dividend Return
 ABX            277              3,694.19                      13.34          10.62 0.29%
 CIG 2         2,175              9,164.07                        4.21        189.70 2.07%
 EDV                 7                  939.12                   134.16             5.75 0.61%
 ELP            100              1,118.00                      11.18          30.87 2.76%
 MBT            512              6,122.33                      11.96        205.74 3.36%
 TCK               25                  559.75                      22.39             0.82 0.15%


As you can see, I have some work to do on building a passive income from dividend stocks.  The only two stocks on the list which I did buy because of their dividend and their value at the time are CIG and MBT.  If you look at the historical dividends of these stocks (CIG 3, MBT 4), they paid out massive dividends for which I have received.  With commodities hitting a recent low 5 however, these stocks have cut their dividend payouts.  The other stocks I am not married to and will be selling them when it is time.

Final Thoughts

I can't promise that I will be a buy and hold investor on my dividend stocks.  If I have a 40% or higher gain on a stock paying me a 3% dividend, I'm probably going to sell.  We'll see how it goes!

At the present I am finding it difficult to find a "boring" dividend stock for a good value.  The current market has bear warning flags 6 waving all over the place.  I may have to wait it out before making some purchases.

In the meantime I will be selling non-dividend stocks in my portfolio as the gains become ripe for the picking.  The proceeds from any sales may stay in cash for some time before I feel comfortable deploying it.


Hi readers! I'd be interested to hear about your start in dividend stock investing.  If you track your dividends on a personal finance blog, feel free to drop me a comment below and I will check out your portfolio!

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