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Dish Network Flex Pack - Save Money and Cut Cable Bill Costs

I've been a Dish Network subscriber for about 10 years.  When I learned about the Dish Network Flex Pack I had to see if there were any savings involved.  For the last three years, I've experienced an increase of $5.30 each month in my cable bill.  My past costs for the America's Top 200 bundle with HD and DVR have been:



I'm not an extreme frugalist, nor am I planning on cutting the cable subscription like many of my fellow financial bloggers 1.  But I was getting fed up with increases in the cost of cable TV.  Fortunately, Dish Network Flex Pack came onto the scene and I was there to take advantage.


Dish Network Flex Pack

On August 4th, 2016, Dish Network announced the Flex Pack 2 at a price of $39.99/month with a price guarantee of 2 years.  Finally!  Although the tagline is "Stop paying for channels you don't watch" the Dish Network Flex Pack comes with 50+ channels.

I scanned through the base channels and was happy to see all my favorites:

  • AMC

  • Comedy Central

  • Discovery

  • DIY

  • Food Network

  • HGTV

  • History

  • National Geographic

That's only 8 channels I watch so there are still 42+ channels that I don't need.  It's not truly that flexible but it does end up saving me money.  And for some reason, I am only being charged $34.99 for the Dish Network Flex Pack which is $5.00 less than advertised.  I'm not sure why and I'm not going to ask any questions.


Flex Pack Base Package: $34.99


Channel Packs

The base Flex Pack was still missing some channels I like to watch.  I found the missing channels in Channel Packs which can be added on to the Flex Pack.

Here are the Channel Packs which can be added on:

Regional Action
National Action


I ended up adding the Locals and News Pack.  With the addition of these channel packs, I am getting all the channels I wanted and could only previously get with the America's Top 200 bundle.  I was paying $79.99 for the America's Top 200 bundle.  I am now paying $54.99 which is a savings of $25.00 from my monthly cable bill.


Channel Packs: $20.00


Premium Packs

Dish Network then gives you the option of adding on Premium Packs.  I was offered special promotions such as free for 3 months with the option of cancelling at any time.

Here are the Premium Packs which can be added on:

Dish Movie
Dish Protection Plan


I did not add any premium packs.  I never needed them before and I'm not going to add them on now just because they are free for a short time.  I don't want to risk forgetting about them and having to make a phone call to remove them.


Premium Packs: $0.00



I can't remember the last time I watched any show in real time.  Having DVR is a great time saving feature.  Plus it allows my wife and I to watch shows we both enjoy together on our schedule.  I've always had DVR service for 2 TV's and the price did not change when I switched to the Flex Pack.


DVR: $7.00


Protection Plan

The protection plan 3 covers all labor and parts costs necessary to repair your equipment for problems due to failures of the receiver, dish antenna, remote control, and power surge damage to your receiver or installed inside video cabling.

The price is $8.00/month and this was always on my bill.  A tech visit costs $95 without the Protection Plan.  But even with the Protection Plan there is still a $15 copay!  I did some further research and it sounds like if you ever need a service call or equipment replacement, you can add the Protection Plan at that time.

I have only had one service call in 10 years of being a dish customer.  I can't believe I've been paying for the Protection Plan for all these years!  That is the problem with paperless statements.  If I was receiving a bill in the mail every month and looked at it, I would have eventually questioned this charge.


Protection Plan: $0.00


HD Free for Life

There's no point in having an Ultra 4k TV if you don't have HD programming.  Somewhere down the line of being a Dish Network customer, I received HD Free for Life.  I believe new customers were being offered free HD at the time and I was paying for it.  So I made a phone call and asked for the same deal for being a loyal customer.

The catch to receiving HD Free for Life was to have paperless billing.  However, the paperless billing caused me to never look at my bill online.  Without looking at my bill, I didn't realize I was paying for the Protection Plan charge of $8.00 each month!  Nicely done Dish Network, nicely done.


HD Programming: $0.00


Autopay Credit

With the change in programming, that puts me back into a new 2 year contract with Dish Network.  I've been out of contract for some time which allowed me to cancel at any moment.  I have no intentions of cutting the cable or switching providers so I'm fine with this.  Due to my new contract obligation, I received a $5/month credit on my bill for the next 24 months because I am setup on autopay.


Autopay Credit: ($5.00)



After making all the changes to my programming and removing the protection package, the savings to my monthly bill were incredible!  Here is a comparison of my old cable bill with America's Top 200 and new cable bill with Flex Pack.



Monthly TV
Protection Plan
HD Free for Life
Autopay Credit
FCC Regulatory Fee


Old Bill



New Bill






I'm saving a whopping $40.06 per month for a total of $480.72 per year with Dish Network Flex Pack!  On the flip side, I am paying $730.80 each year for cable TV.

With all the cable cutting options like Netflix 4, Amazon Prime 5, Roku 6 and other streaming services, the Dish Network Flex Pack should help retain and acquire new customers.

If you are interested in becoming a new subscriber with Dish Network let me know!  Dish offers a referral program where both you and I will receive a $100 credit if you sign up.  There are no referral links on this page, I have to actually email you a certificate.



Hi readers! If you are a Dish Network subscriber, were you aware of the new Flex Pack?  I was amazed at the savings!

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